Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Alright, let's cut to the chase so we can get to the meat of this pumpkin.

Today's STMLTYOLB isn't really technically a sexy, saucy groove. It is all about enduring love and miraculous relationships, though.

Shed a tear and call up your very best pal today to........



The Wind Beneath My Wings

Bette Midler and this song need no introduction. We all know it, we all belt it out whenever we're alone in the car. Because this song is fucking insanely epic.

So let me ask you this. Do you have at least one friend that you would sell your soul to the devil for just to make them smile?

Me, either.

But I DO have a very very very bestest ever in the whole wide world friend that I would do anything for that didn't involve my immortal soul. I have referenced her quite a bunch in my blog entires, because she is one of the most important people in my life.

Close your eyes (I mean, don't REALLY do it, because then you can't keep reading) and let me take you back. Way back. Back into time. Picture it: I was a precocious, curly headed moppet with a strong singing voice and a flashy sense of style....she was a quiet, shy girl that came from a rich family that vacationed in the Hamptons. After I smoked cigarettes under the boardwalk and sang "That's The Glory of Love" to her, we had chocolate shakes and went our separate ways but remained penpals and developed a lasting bond that took us through her beomcing a lawyer, me becoming an off-broadway actress, divorces, childbearing, and then at the end, her death.

Not pictured : Amber, Drea, or reality.

Actually, when I was 14, I saw Amber sitting by herself at the back of the bus we rode home together. I had seen her a few times, never really spoken to her, but for whatever reason, decided it would be a great idea to sidle up to her and say the following: "Hi, my name is Ondrea, and I'm going to come home with you today and we're going to be best friends." She just sort of looked at me and then said, "Okay."
And then we were.

13 years later, she is still my very best friend in the whole wide world. She showed me the movie Beaches about a year into our friendship, and like all vagina bearing friends, we adopted it as our movie. I was Bette Midler, because of the boisterous nature, the singing chops and....well....the hair. She was Barbara Hershey because she was quieter than me, wanted to be a lawyer, and in a huge twist of fate that had nothing to do with humor OR her desire to be the ever lovely Barbara Hershey, she has a bit of a heart condition. I was blown away by the movie, and we have watched it together and cried a few times. Whenever it comes on now, I watch it, bawl my eyes out, and miss my very best friend.

Wherever I am, whatever I'm doing or being preoccupied with, if I hear this song I will listen to it in reverence, get misty, and think of how awesomely lucky I am to have such an amazing best friend that I have been able to grow with, laugh with, and be myself with. I love her and this song in serious fashion.

Hooray, friends! I hope everyone is as blessed as I am!

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