Friday, November 19, 2010

STMLTYOLB - In stunning technicolor!

It's that time of year again...since I've been an unfaithful little worker bee...just hanging out behind the hive, smoking cloves and ignoring everyone with a look of smug self-satisfaction about what a bunch of suckers everyone else is.

There's been a lot going on, most of it sort of unpleasant. Some of it has been nice...some of it has been confusing. But those descriptions are neither here nor there.

I know I've featured a song of theirs before, but I went and saw Muse in concert a month and a half ago, and tey blew my mind away so fucking hard that they are amost all I listen to. Other music sucks in comparison.

So, here we go.

One thing that I've always had a very passionate love/hate relationship with about myself is my imagination. This baby takes me on wild rides that are heavenly, and then when reality hits me, I come crashing down to a dark and bitter place. Most of these mind scenarios involve boys. Because I'm a girl, you see. Before I get caried away, alow me to introduce today's STMILTYOLB (songs to make imaginary love to your old lady by) -


By: Muse

( I can tell by Matt Bellamy's crazed hair and bemused expression that he's probably indulging in a few fevered by fantasies. About light sabers)

Song : Undisclosed Desires

Like I was saying, I almost daily stop what I'm doing and daydream about various boys harboring various secret feelings about me. It helps me pass the time, plus it's fun to stroke my own ego for a little bit.

This song almost always spurs these daydreams on, and here's why. In real life, i heft around a shitload of ugly baggage. I'm a mess, and a sad one at that. When I hear this song, i want somebody to want me so much in spite of all of this, and on top of that, I want them to be heavily burdened by the desire to fix me. To KNOW that I have a lot of ugliness behind these sexy eyeballs, and want to take it all away. Furthermore, to call me out on my bullshit and simultaneously assure me that it's all ok, that I'm special, and that their only goal is to make me better.

It's almost like White Knight Syndrome. The pathetic bit is I am obviously incapable of fixing myself, I've been trying for years, so most of my boy related day dreams have to do with being desired in spite of that AND said boy(s)being the key to making it all better. Sad, right? Just wait, it gets better.

The best part about these wild flights of male fancy is how they play out. It's generally in a park or other public area that for some strange reason NOBODY is around to witness (I think my fantasies take place after most of the world is dead? I don't have an explanation for that), and it all starts out innocently enough, just hanging out, and then whatever male co-star I choose for that day says something that just sets me off, and oh lawdy lawd, the argument that ensues. I almost always end up screaming "Well, what the fuck do you want from me?" and then flip myself around to leave and then BAM! Movie kisses. Is that retarded? Hell yes it is. But I'm big on my daydreams ending in movie kisses. I've never had a movie kiss, and that sort of makes me sad. While i've been a partner in some seriously wicked good kissings, there hasn't been a single one to write home about. my movie kiss always ends the day dream, and with perfect timing to the last drum beat of the song.

I have this daydream soundtrack shit down pat, mother fuckers.

Listen to the song and try your own daydreams in synch with it. It's Milli Vanilli brand awesome.

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  1. Chic, Chic baby! do you like the ideea of following each other?;X